Organic, fair-trade, sustainable, local, fresh…find it all and more at the Quad Cities Food Hub in the Freight House of downtown Davenport. With a passion for food, the community, health, and sustainability, this local hub supports small, local businesses in big ways.

The Quad Cities Food Hub works to support local food production, connect producers and consumers, promote healthy lifestyles, and foster local economic development. Since forming in 2012 as a bi-state initiative to support local food production, the Quad Cities Food Hub has been hard at work to emphasize the importance of making the Quad Cities a region of vitality. And the first step for the Food Hub was to embrace regionalism.

"We give priority to aggregation of products grown within a 100 mile radius,” Laura Van Barg, Marketing Specialist at the Quad Cities Food Hub, notes. "As a bi-state initiative, the Food Hub serves farmers and consumers in both Iowa and Illinois. As a regional food system, we serve Clinton, Scott, and Muscatine Counties- as well as the entire state- through partnership with area farmer co-ops and food hubs.”

Embracing regionalism is just one of the many actions that led this organization to win the Regional Vitality Award. The Quad Cities Food Hub also works to serve the entire region through their local market store, represent the Quad Cities at regional conferences, and speak on behalf of local farmers and vendors through operations and marketing.

Carla Jaquet, the Executive Director of the Quad Cities Food Hub, goes on to explain that this award means the Quad Cities is dedicated to remain a vivacious region: "Being recognized as a vital partner to the community tells us that community members realize just how vibrant this region’s economy is when local partnerships are emphasized.”

Although the Food Hub has many plans for the future, leaving the Quad Cities is not one of them.

"The Quad Cities Food Hub is proud to be part of a community that so deeply cares…and is at the crush of a change in how engages with its local community. We are honored to be stakeholders in the long running agricultural history of the Quad Cities.”

Celebrate the vitality of the region with the Quad Cities Food Hub and other nominees at this year’s Community Impact Awards on May 28 at the Stern Center in downtown Rock Island.

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