(Quad Cities) - Momentum around the Regional Vision continues to grow as 225 people participated in focus group sessions last week and more than 3,000 people have completed a community survey. Through this process the community is being asked to determine the impediments to higher prosperity and the most pivotal challenges that need to be addressed, as well as identify the amazing assets that should be capitalized on to become the region we aspire to be. Citizen input is essential to the Regional Vision movement, and will influence the outcomes.

The Quad Cities Chamber – acting on behalf of our regional partners - has contracted with Market Street Services, Inc., a community and economic development consulting firm from Atlanta, Georgia to facilitate the creation of the Regional Vision Strategy and implementation plan. Last week Market Street conducted ten focus group sessions around advanced manufacturing; arts, culture and tourism; community and social service; economic development; education; health care; and regional planning. Participants in these input sessions offered aspirational ideas and opinions about how the Quad Cities could become more inclusive, creative, and prosperous.

"Market Street has been very impressed with the level of participation and passion we have seen in the Quad Cities for this process,” says Alex Pearlstein, Vice President of Market Street. "From over 3,000 responses to the survey to great participation in focus groups and interviews to the insight and ideas stakeholders are providing about the region and its future, we think this bodes very well for the prospects of the Regional Vision strategy.”

All residents are encouraged to take the community survey and provide input on what they would like to see for the Quad Cities region. The deadline to complete the community survey, available at, has been extended to March 20, 2015.

Over the next nine months, Market Street will assist with several initiatives for the Regional Vision including a regional competitive assessment and target business analysis. Ultimately, the input from thousands of individuals from throughout the region will be used to develop a Regional Vision Strategy. This holistic action plan, with measurable and tangible details, will be publically presented in December 2015.

About the Regional Vision:

The Regional Vision effort is led by a Steering Committee of 50 business, non-profit, education, and government leaders. For more information about the Regional Vision visit

Vision Statement: The Quad Cities region is recognized globally in 2030 for growing and attracting talent and businesses; is energized by a culturally rich community, inspires innovation, and embraces lifelong learning.

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