The Quad Cities Region: Connect Your Business to Major Markets Around the World

The Quad Cities region's location along the Mississippi River in the U.S. heartland has long been leveraged for the warehousing and distribution of goods, and today our logistics capabilities don’t stop at transporting goods. Here, we also manage supply chains. Our integrated logistics infrastructure network includes an international airport, four separately designated U.S. interstate highways, multiple river ports, and three Class I rail lines, along with multi-modal transload facilities allowing companies here to gain competitive pricing across multiple transportation modes.

Key Regional Advantages of the Quad Cities Region

  • Access to major markets, without paying major market prices
  • Electric rates in the lowest 20% in the nation, with nearly 40% coming from renewable sources
  • Locally owned fiber optic line runs from Chicago to Denver, giving businesses the ability to operate as if they were in downtown Chicago at a tenth of the cost
  • Efficient multimodal transportation options: road, rail, river, runway
  • Largest 300-mile market west of Chicago; 37 million people are located within a 300-mile radius of the Quad Cities
  • 40 colleges and universities within a 90 mile radius graduating 41,000 students per year
  • Robust workforce training resources
  • Flexible business assistance programs
Thirty seven million people live within 300 miles of the Quad Cities region, which can put your business at the center of major markets. Connect your business to the Midwest market with a location in the Quad Cities region. Call 563.322.1706 for more information.

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