The Quad Cities Region: Where Top Talent Drives Corporate Growth

The Quad Cities region is teeming with a talented and innovative workforce ready to support your business needs. People and businesses here enjoy thriving quality of life amenities, strong school systems, and an affordable cost of living. With all this, it’s no surprise that the corporate and regional headquarters niche grew by 39% from 2004-2014, and corporate operations as a whole increased by 21% in the same time period.

Key Regional Advantages in the Quad Cities Region

  • 20 interstates and federal and state highways
  • Over 200 local, regional, and national motor carriers and over 60 truck terminals
  • 3 Class I railways, 1 Short Line Railroad
  • 46 public and private barge terminals
  • One international airport and seven general aviation airports
  • Five roadway bridges over the Mississippi River
  • Newly designated certified site
  • Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub, a service to help manufacturers grow, diversify, and stay competitive
  • Power rates in the lowest 20% in the nation
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Laborshed of 588,000
  • 40 colleges and universities within a 90-mile radius
  • 37 million people living within a 300-mile radius
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