The Quad Cities Region: A Logistics Hub with a Legacy in Manufacturing Innovation

The six-county, bi-state Quad Cities region is known for its affordability, access to market, and an incomparable, diverse workforce. An array of successful Fortune 500 corporations call the Quad Cities home, including John Deere, 3M, and Arconic, HNI Corporation, and Sears Manufacturing as well as one of the nation’s premiere military installations, the Rock Island Arsenal. These major employers are joined by 30,000 additional businesses that create a robust, growing, and prosperous economy.

The reach of this region extends well beyond its borders. The Quad Cities is home to more than 400,000 residents and boasts a diverse and vibrant labor force of more than 500,000, but casts out a net to an additional 37 million people who live within a 300 mile radius. Additionally, the Quad Cities region is just a 2 ½-hour drive or 55-minute flight from Chicago, the nation’s third largest city.

Our centralized region, the only place where the Mississippi River and Interstate 80 intersect, offers multimodal transportation options, affording easy, cost-effective access to domestic and international markets. Crisscrossed by four interstates and over a dozen state and federal highways, we are within a five-hour truck drive of Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Indianapolis and Omaha, and within a day’s drive of most of the U.S. business population and parts of Canada.

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