Technology Leadership: Creating a Roadmap for the Future

A technology revolution is impacting every facet of manufacturing. In the Quad Cities region, we are working together to help all manufacturers and others in the defense supply chain grow, diversify, stay competitive and become leaders in manufacturing technology.

What technologies will have the biggest impact on your business? How will you find the time and resources to evaluate new technologies? We're here to help.

The Quad Cities Technology Roadmap is a guide for regional manufacturers to identify which technologies present the greatest opportunities for businesses within our region. This roadmap was developed through input from academia, industry, and service providers through surveys, focus groups and interviews. Participants contributed over 1,200 hours to this project. With the help of a national consulting group, NewEdge, the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub has produced a technology roadmap for the future of innovation in the Quad Cities. 

Download the Technology Roadmap.

View the Technology Roadmap executive summary.

Building Technology Together

The plan is in place, now it's time to learn and grow together. 

One such way we can do this is by providing technology playbooks - teaching tools developed with the help of industry leaders with their fingers on the pulse of emerging technologies – to assist you in learning about the changes that are and will transform the face of your industry.  

Consider each technology playbook a “how-to guide” constructed to help you understand the technology, provide an overview of the current regional landscape, share best practices, identify opportunities for use, build the business case for, and outline steps toward implementation.  Each playbook also contains links to expert resources and partners for training, education, integration, or other support to aid you on your journey.

By working together we can all go further, faster, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more vibrant economy. 

Want to be part of the team of experts providing input on these technologies? Whether you consider yourself an expert or simply curious about learning about new technologies, there's a spot for you. Contact to learn more. 

Technology Playbook Focuses

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • AR/VR
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital B2B Platforms
  • ERP Platforms
  • Robotics and Automation

This content was prepared as part of the Illinois Defense Industry Adjustment Program, a partnership between the University of Illinois System, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, and the Voorhees Center at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), with financial support from the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA).  It reflects the views of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce and does not necessarily reflect the views of the OEA. For more information, please visit

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