Click on the link to access presentations from previous events hosted by the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub:

DateEvent NamePresentation
06/08/18Hub Huddle: Doug Rathburn, Manager, Global Cost Management, Deere & Company"Best Practices for Target Costing & Should Costing"
04/13/18Hub Huddle: Alexandra Monaghan, Program Coordinator, Elevate Advanced Manufacturing"Elevate Advanced Manufacturing"
"Elevate Made in Iowa form"
"Ambassador List by College"
10/26/17Industry 4.0: Mike Stoecker, Connected Solutions Manager, Genesis Systems Group "Industry 4.0 & IIoT"
10/26/17Industry 4.0: Jaimy Szymanski, Project Manager, Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub"Technology Playbooks Overview"
10/26/17Industry 4.0: Jack Harris, Head of U.S. Delegation, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems"Improving Sustainability and Growth in U.S. Manufacturing"
10/26/17Industry 4.0: Curt Burnett, Director, Technology Innovation, Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub"Welcome to the Manufacturing Revolution"
10/26/17Industry 4.0: COL. Kenneth W. Letcher, Commanding Officer, RIA-JMTC "Manufacturing Army Readiness at the Rock Island Arsenal"
09/11/17Digital B2B Marketing: Tom Trone, Illinois State University, presenter"Using the Internet of Things to Improve OEM, Channel & Customer Collaboration"
08/25/17Hub Huddle: Amy Behning, MindFire Communications, presenter"Branding, Marketing or Advertising: What is the Difference? Why Should You Care?"
08/11/17Hub Huddle: Drew Allen, Grace Engineered Products, presenter"The New Face of B2B Selling"
08/07/17Digital B2B Marketing: Betsy Flaherty, Deere & Company, presenter"Why Social Media Matters"
07/20/17ERP: Tom Waggoner, presenter"Documenting Processes Before ERP Implementation"
07/14/17Hub Huddle: Terry Loughrin, IMEC, presenter"Innovating to Diversify"
07/11/17Digital B2B Marketing: Brad Morrison, Riverbend Signworks, presenter "Case study: Riverbend Signworks Email Marketing"
07/11/17Digital B2B Marketing: Jamie McFadden, MindFire Communications, presenter"Email Marketing 101"
06/23/17Hub Huddle: Jaimy Szymanski, presenter"Using Digital Platforms to Reach Your Customers - At Every Stage"
06/07/17IA SBIR/STTR Workshop: Jordan Hobfoll, presenter"Free Government Money for Innovative Technology"

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