Quad Cities Break the Rules Day

The Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting is August 17, and it will be a time to celebrate the people, businesses, and organizations throughout the Quad Cities region that are breaking the rules to positively impact their business and the community.

Mike Walsh, expert on emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets is the keynote speaker of the Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting, and he asserts that the companies that thrive in the near future will be the ones that not only embrace change, but are the first to break the rules.

We challenge you to be part of a community conversation that celebrates challenging the status quo, taking risks, and breaking the rules.

Here are ways you can participate:

1.    Email us with your story of ways you break the rules to make a positive impact and we’ll share it on the Quad Cities Chamber social media pages.

2.    Use #breaktherulesqc on social media when you talk about instigating change within your company.

3.    Attend the Quad Cities Chamber 2016 Annual Meeting on August 17, 2016. In a thought-provoking keynote address, Walsh will challenge you to consider, if you could start with a clean sheet of paper, how would you design your company? Register today for this sell-out event!

Watch the Mike Walsh trailer here.

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