Fly Local

Quad Cities businesses rely on strong air service, and companies considering a new community in which to expand also want confidence that they will be able to easily and reliably conduct their business travel. During a recent trade show, several of our staff members heard from a panel of site selectors who discussed the wide variety of factors they consider when sourcing new locations for their clients. Among other factors, they referenced that businesses want to see that flights arrive and leave on time, that there is good connectivity to hubs, and that it is clean and well-maintained.

The Quad Cities Chamber has signed on in support of the Quad City International Airport’s new Fly Local campaign. The campaign encourages travelers to look to the local airport first before purchasing airline tickets. By supporting the local airport, we support higher ridership numbers that will support demand for flights.

As part of the Fly Local campaign, the airport has also launched a new tool, the Easier Trip Calculator, through which travelers can calculate the real cost of an airline ticket at multiple airports, including the costs of parking and mileage.

We encourage all local businesses to endorse the Fly Local campaign by clicking here, and to share the Easier Trip Calculator with anyone in your office who makes travel arrangements. Read more about the launch of Fly Local in this Quad-City Times article here.

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