Cooperation, collaboration bring many benefits to area supply chain

While competition keeps prices low and encourages innovation, working together also has its benefits.

Accessing local businesses and partnering within an industrial cluster on a regional level helps you pool resources and provide complementary products and services to larger businesses.

Face-to-face networking is the easiest way to identify and establish trust with local suppliers and regional partners for future cooperation. You can maintain these connections by attending peer-to-peer educational events as well as by utilizing online networking groups, forums and databases.

Partnering with local resources means:

  • Lower transportation and handling costs.
  • Reduced brokerage and logistics fees.
  • Lower insurance costs.
  • No currency conversion fees and risks.
  • Easier crating and packaging.
  • Reduced supply-chain disruption risk.
  • Increased buying power by purchasing goods and services as a group.
  • Access to expensive machinery through technology sharing.

Network in order to:

  • Learn about industry trends by talking to local peers.
  • Share capabilities statements … do so easily in the Hub’s Regional Capabilities Catalog!
  • Build trust by getting to know each other.
  • Learn more about the needs of your Quad Cities partners to help diversify your products and services.
  • Receive and give referrals.
  • Find partners with complementary products and services to go after larger contracts together.

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