The Q2030 Regional Action Plan seeks to improve regional attitudes, perceptions and engagement. WVIK is one of the community partners leading the way toward this goal by launching a new podcast to collect personal stories of Quad Citizens.

The Great Quad Cities Listen intends to capture the diverse voices that make up our Quad Cities by collecting, preserving, and sharing their stories. As we listen to one another's life stories, WVIK’s hope is to not only gain in civic pride, but also to build connections and create a more compassionate Quad Cities. Falling right in line with Q2030, as the plan states, positive attitudes and perception about what we love about our region at the grassroots level will establish a base for broader, more pervasive and lasting improvements in outlooks and expectations for a more dynamic and connected future Quad Cities.

"One thing that distinguishes the Quad Cities region is our collection of interesting and unique people and communities," said Rene Gellerman, speaking as both a Q2030 Loaned Executive and Senior Vice President of the Chamber. "WVIK's program will provide a platform to share the stories of every day Quad Citizens who are contributing to making our region cool, creative, connected, and prosperous. They'll inspire us, give us hope, and encourage us to seek our own place in shaping the future of the Quad Cities."

Select stories also will be broadcast on WVIK's "Morning Edition," according to the station. All stories collected will be shared with StoryCorps and archived in the Library of Congress and the Rock Island Public Library.

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The Quad Cities Chamber powers Q2030, ensuring that it remains front and center as we build a stronger and more connected Quad Cities region.

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