One of the strategies within Q2030 is to ensure that businesses have access to best-in-class broadband connectivity. The increased ability of residents and businesses to access the internet at gigabit speeds will position the Quad Cities more solidly as a destination for talent, technology entrepreneurs, and data-intensive businesses.

We hear from businesses that broadband connectivity is a top priority. In fact, in an interview of 146 member businesses, 24% indicated that the community's technology infrastructure is not adequate for their company's growth plan; 76% indicated it is.
In the last year, the Quad Cities Chamber has met with area broadband providers to learn their perspectives about the region's strengths and weaknesses related to broadband delivery.
The key takeaways include:

·         The number of service providers in the region means that there is a good deal of competition, benefitting the end user.

·         There is a cost of providing speed and connectivity, however, because there is healthy competition, the prices are reasonable compared to the rest of the country.

·         There is an opportunity as a region for us to do a better job of knowing and articulating what we have in terms of infrastructure.

·         Public sector partners recognize the importance of having infrastructure to ensure connectivity, and work is underway to determine the best way forward to ensure comprehensive infrastructure.

·         Providers view public private partnerships (3Ps) as a positive thing, and as having potential.

We recognize that this continues to be a priority to the business community, and will continue engaging with members and our public sector partners on the issue.

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