Sam Allen, Deere & Company Chairman and CEO and Co-Chair of the Chamber’s Regional Opportunities Council (ROC), urged the more than 200 in attendance at the 2015 Regional Vision Summit on Dec. 3 to be "the stewards shepherding (the plan’s) promise to transform our region.”

Now officially known as Q2030: A Regional Action Plan, the initiative is a set of regional priorities that rallies the community onthe same page. The primary purpose of the initiative is to facilitate the best environment possible for residents and businesses to thrive in a global economy.

The Quad Cities Chamber is providing the backbone support of the Q2030 plan, which is being led by a broad group of community and civic leaders from business, government, education and nonprofit sectors. This leadership group will be charged with marshaling the goals, priorities and strategies within the plan.

"The Quad Cities has abundant strengths and immense assets in our community, and we have a great deal of positive energy. But make no mistake, this is an unprecedented call to action,” said Tara Barney, CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber and member of the Q2030 Steering Committee. "This plan allows us to look at ourselves honestly, and in the context of those regions with whom we compete for talent, new investment and opportunity. It’s time to focus on the things that really matter and align our resources and efforts to change the outcome.”

The Regional Vision Summit brought the existing roster of committed Q2030 stakeholders together, including its delegates, area mayors and elected officials, area business leaders, Chamber members and others to share in the notion that real progress cannot be left to chance, but will be a collective effort in finding ways to leverage the strengths of our bi-state region, embracing a common mindset and sharing ownership of the Q2030 vision: "The Quad Cities region is recognized globally in 2030 for growing and attracting talent and businesses, is energized by a diverse and culturally rich community, inspires innovation and embraces lifelong learning.”

Over the next several months, efforts will be made to coordinate strategies that will support and implement the Q2030 vision and its four primary themes: Cool Places, Creative People, Connected Region and Prosperous Economy. To learn more go to Q2030.

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