For month’s Chamber staff has been working with community partners to raise awareness and gather participants for the largest conversation our region has ever had during the Quad Cities Big Table. In our office, it’s a wide-spread belief that this initiative taking place on April 20 – 21 can and will pave the way to transforming the future of our community.

Many Chamber staff is using the Quad Cities Big Table as an opportunity to connect at home with neighbors to strengthen their neighborhoods, and others are participating to talk about causes personally important to them. From understanding and addressing poverty, to enhancing quality of place in the region through the arts, to promoting regionalism in areas outside the metro-Quad Cities, no matter the topic, Chamber staff is hoping to connect with Quad Citizens to share in conversation about the things that are important to growing our community.

If you haven’t already, sign up to participate in the Quad Cities Big Table. It’s a personal time commitment of one-hour but has the potential to impact our community for years to come.

Register today at

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