It was a job three years in the making and took a number of community partners to get the project completed, but now drivers coming off the Arsenal Bridge will see a brand new 12’ x 24’ welcome sign highlighting a number of downtown Davenport landmarks greeting them into the eastern gateway.

Our region is working on many fronts through Q2030 to create a more cool, creative, connected and prosperous community. This project hits many key pieces within the cool pillar, showcasing and adding to our community’s arts elements, fostering pride within our neighborhoods, tapping into our region’s creative people, and is a remarkable display of community partnership.

The project came to fruition thanks to the tenacity of several individuals committed to pushing it through the complex approval process needed at the federal level with the Rock Island Arsenal and city officials of Davenport. Spearheaded by Downtown Davenport Partnership, a division of the Quad Cities Chamber was committed to keeping the work local.

Johnnie Cluney, a local graphic designer known globally for his work with Daytrotter, handcrafted the imagery featured on the sign. A number of Quad Cities Chamber members were tapped to construct the sign including, RiverBend Signworks, serving as the general contractor of the project, Seaberg Industries, designed and made the steel frame, One Step Printing, helped with stitching the piece together, and Davenport Electric Contract Company, fixated the lights on the piece.

Our gateways matter and beautification projects like this make the community more appealing to residents and visitors alike. Cool places do not just happen because we say it, but must be created. While this is just one way in which the Downtown Davenport Partnership is embracing Q2030, the actions of individual organizations and people are adding up to a big change in the region.

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The project is primarily privately funded by the Downtown Davenport Partnership paying for 93% of the costs and the City of Davenport Aldermen at Large, Jason Gordon and Kyle Gripp dedicated $3,000 each of their beautification funds towards this project.

Downtown Davenport Partnership, a division of the Quad Cities chamber of Commerce, is a non-profit organization focused on the strategic growth and beautification of historic downtown Davenport. It proudly helps drive Q2030: A Regional Action Plan, to increase talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all. This Welcome Sign is a product of DDP that supports Q2030 by highlighting our downtown, a vibrant destination for Quad Citizens.

*Downtown Davenport Partnership funding for this project was made possible through the Self Supporting Municipal Improvement District (SSMID). The SSMID is funded by downtown property owners through a fee structure based on assessed value, not Chamber member funding.

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