Alternating Currents, the new festival produced by Chamber division, Downtown Davenport Partnership, is offering a new way to impress your clients or celebrate your employees. You can be a VIP party host and receive a private performance by one of the 50 artists taking part in the festival. Invite your staff and you will be one of the coolest employers in the region, or entertain clients and give them an experience to remember. Either way, your company will be a part of history as a part of the first ever, Alternating Currents festival!

A dozen venues across downtown Davenport will host over 50 acts made up of live music, film screenings, comedians and visual artists. The team of staff and local artists that designed this event set a vision to take this festival to the next level – to modernize it, highlight our creative community, and to show Quad Citizens that the Quad Cities is way cooler than we ever give ourselves credit for. This type of festival model is something that we know young professionals want, and it’s the kind of atmosphere we need to show off to attract and retain talent.

These packages are available for groups large and small. All VIP parties include a reserved area at the venue, a private host and the band genre of your choice. For more information, contact Gwen at 563.823.2688 or

To learn more and meet some of the artists in the region, follow Alternating Currents on social media. 

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