Becoming an effective leader involves acquiring and honing a particular set of skills. Chamber member MRA recently provided one of our staff members the opportunity to experience their training course, Principals of Leadership Excellence (PLX). Recently participating in the 6-month program, Kristin Glass, Interim CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber has the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills she has gained from PLX into action in her newly announced role with the Chamber.

In the program, participants build upon 18 leadership competencies. They learn how to communicate well with their team and respond when challenges arise. This program series is based on adult learning principles with instructors that have real-world leadership experience in a variety of industries.

“Being a part of MRA’s PLX program was an incredible opportunity. The program focuses heavily on recognizing the diverse perspectives of employees, clients, and other stakeholders, and how to effectively collaborate and lead,” said Kristin Glass, Interim CEO, Quad Cities Chamber. “I am putting to practice the skills I learned each day, especially since I’ve stepped into an interim leadership role with the Chamber.”

The goal of PLX is to provide participants with opportunities to learn the skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed for effective, successful leadership. Successful managers understand leadership components and how to combine them in just the right way, and they practice what they’ve learned. Knowing that the most effective leaders have a clear understanding of themselves, MRA’s leadership model takes an inside-out approach where participants can reflect and learn about themselves, learn to apply methods to their own work and use their knowledge to connect with others and apply leadership principles within the context of their organization and the surrounding community. 

“Principles of Leadership Excellence is MRA’s flagship leadership development certification program.  The goal of the program is to provide participants with opportunities to learn the skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed for effective, successful leadership,” said JJ Janiszewski, Director of Learning and Development. “It benefits newly appointed supervisors, managers, and other leaders. Both experienced managers and supervisors who have not had formal management/leadership training, as well as staff with management potential who do not yet hold a leadership or management role, find this series invaluable.”

PLX is offered in the Quad Cities region twice a year. The next series begins on September 12, 2017. A 15% discount is available for active Chamber members who are non-MRA members. MRA members receive membership pricing .

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