It’s Economic Development Week in the U.S., and Chamber staff will be using this opportunity to celebrate the crucial role that the profession of economic development plays in creating a vibrant community.

Since the Chamber merged in 2010, we have helped 60 companies add over 7,200 jobs and just over $1 billion in new capital investment to the Quad Cities region. Many of these companies were small, local businesses.

At the Chamber we are dedicated to growing jobs and corporate investments. Here are some of the highlights of our work in economic development:

·         We work every day with our public partners to help existing companies expand, to support startups, and to attract new businesses to the region. All of this leads to higher tax base, more salaries to spend on cars, homes, at stores and restaurants, leading to overall growth in the region.

·         We work to foster an entrepreneurial community. We offer multiple entrepreneurial gatherings every month with over 700 people engaged in our entrepreneurial efforts. We also just completed a round of Venture School in partnership with the University of Iowa and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, a six-week entrepreneurial bootcamp. Six of the 9 teams advanced to the state pitch competition; one team took first place and another took 3rd place, winning money toward their startup. Read more.

·         Through the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub, we’re helping the manufacturing and defense industry adopt new technologies and diversify their business. If your business provides a product or service to manufacturing or defense firms, you are part of the supply chain and your business benefits from the work of the Hub. Hundreds of businesses, small and large, are taking advantage of services offered by the Hub.

·         Through the 200+ events we hold annually, we help businesses create connections and meet new prospective clients. View this month’s upcoming events.

We are focused every day on growing the regional economy, and your investment allows us to do this. Yet there is one more thing you can do. Through national research among site consultants, we know that a leading source of information that influences executive perceptions of an areas business climate is through dialogue with industry peers. Be an ambassador for our region – talk to your peers about why the Quad Cities is a great place to work and to live.

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