While on our annual advocacy trip to Des Moines, Chamber members reinforced to our elected leaders that workforce is a growing business need and education is crucial to developing a strong workforce.

We’ve continued to work with elected leaders to create a more equitable per-pupil school funding formula. As it stands, the legislature is currently considering two proposed bills to address school funding inequity and at this point in the legislative session no additional bills will be introduced.

  • A bill introduced by Sen. Sinclair with support from Sen. Roby Smith (SF 455) provides a long-term fix to the issue by increasing funding over a ten-year period. This is the only bill on the table that addresses the problem long-term.
  • A short-term solution (SF 304) was also introduced by Sen. Smith that would allow districts to lower their minimum cash reserves and spend the difference.

Your voice is crucial to reforming education funding. Please contact the senators below and urge them to pass SF 304 through committee because it’s imperative that our schools have a short-term solution to funding equality.

Thanks to all of our elected leaders who have been working hard at this issue, including Representatives Cindy Winckler, Phyllis Thede and Ross Paustian who have been working toward a solution for several years. We will continue to work with legislators to pass both a short-term and long-term solution.


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