In case you missed it, last week the Chamber shared an introductory piece on starting the conversation on diversity and inclusion.

As our region works toward Q2030, a plan to increase jobs, investment, and opportunity for all who call the Quad Cities home, developing a welcoming and inclusive community is key. Each of us has an important role to continue the process of moving toward cultural competency, and promoting and advocating for inclusion throughout our region.

Inclusion expert Mary-Frances Winters writes:

“Most people want to treat people with respect and dignity. We know that there are exceptions that we readily hear about in the media.  The issue is that for many of us we do not know how to do so, especially when we encounter difference. We think that by treating others the way we would want to be treated we are practicing inclusion.  The Golden Rule, however, only takes us so far. The Platinum Rule, “Treat others the way they want to be treated” requires us to know how they would want to be treated.  To know this requires knowledge of others. This is where we fall short.”

This is where the nationally-recognized Development Model of Intercultural Sensitivity model comes into play. Individuals operate on a scale of cultural competency, and as you move across the scale, you are better able to follow the Platinum Rule. This scale is one way to identify the stages of a person’s experience related to cultural competency, and is a valuable starting point in striving toward true inclusion.

When we know more we’re able to make a different set of decisions. Each of us has an important role to continue the process of moving ourselves towards adaptation; and to promote and advocate for inclusion to make the Quad Cities region stronger. 

As we pointed out last week, by 2020 more than half of U.S. children will be a part of what is today considered a minority group; by 2044 the Census Bureau predicts that no one race or ethnic group will make up a majority. As we all work together to build an inclusive community, we at the Chamber will continue to share valuable concepts you may be able to incorporate into your own business.

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