Today, thousands of supporters of the Next Generation Energy Plan (NGEP) drove from the Quad Cities, Clinton, and all around Illinois to converge on the state capitol. Earlier this month, Exelon announced it would need to close its Clinton and Quad Cities plants unless Illinois passed legislation supporting clean energy and reforming policy to recognize and reflect nuclear energy's role as a clean energy. The Illinois legislative session ends May 31, so the clock is quickly running-down. The Quad Cities Chamber is delighted so many from our area made the trip to Springfield today to lobby on behalf of the NGEP.

Last week, the Chamber was in Springfield lobbying passage of SB 1585, the bill that contains NGEP. On Thursday, May 19, President/CEO Tara Barney gave testimony before the Illinois Senate's Energy and Public Utilities Committee, stressing the importance of Exelon and nuclear energy to the Quad Cities and Illinois' economy and urging passage of the bill. In her testimony, Tara emphasized the economic impact of the 900 jobs and roughly $75 million in payroll in the Quad Cities alone and the 4,200 jobs and $1.2 billion impact the Quad Cities and Clinton plants have in combined economic impact on the state. In responding to state Sen. Neil Anderson's questions, she pointed out these jobs are high-paying, quality jobs and are absolutely critical to the Quad Cities maintaining its quality amenities and livability. She also stressed the economic hardship local governments would face by the loss of the $7.7 million property taxes Exelon pays each year, including $4.4 million to school districts.

What you can do:

  • Publicly register yourself and/or your business in support of SB 1585. This is done online and takes about 3 minutes. The directions are here.
  • Illinois' residents, visit this link to contact your legislator and tell them to vote yes for the Next Generation Energy Plan.
  • Like and share the Facebook page, encourage others to do the same, and post your support of Exelon to the page.
  • Contact your local elected officials and urge them to publicly endorse the Next Generation Energy Plan.

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