Iowa Certifies six more industrial sites as "developmentĀ­ ready" and launches a Green Certification classification

Six sites are located in the communities of Cedar Rapids,Davenport, Norwalk, Marion, Mason City, and Perry.

(DES MOINES) -Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds today announced that six communities are in the second round of sites to achieve certification through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) certified site program. These six sites are located in the communities of Cedar Rapids,Davenport, Norwalk, Marion, Mason City and Perry.

In an effort to address the lack of project-ready industrial sites in the state, the IEDA rolled out the Iowa Certified Site Programin May 2012. The Iowa Certified Site Program is designed to consider a combination of national site location standards as well as Iowa's natural assetsand industry needs of the state's targeted sectors. This is an independent, third-party certification program that uses the nationally recognized site selection firm of Mccallum SweeneyConsulting (MSC) as the sole certifying agent.The program's first certifications were announced last April for sites in Dexter, Fort Dodge, Iowa Falls and Van Meter.

"Creating jobs and increasing family incomes for Iowans is my administration's top priority," said Gov. Branstad. "With the announcement that six additional Iowa sites have gone througha rigorous certification process to be considered 'development-ready, ' we are moving Iowa to the top of the list for projects that are looking for a home. Those projects mean more Iowa jobs."

"A lot of credit goes to the communities of Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Norwalk, Marion, Mason City and Perry," commented Lt. Gov. Reynolds. "The investment to achieve site certification isn't a small one, but itis sure to pay dividends both locally and for our state as a whole."

Site certification is one of the fastest growing trends in the site selection business, and by introducing certified sites to the market Iowa is better able to compete for large-scale projects.By going through this rigorous process, developers -- working closely with their local officials, utility partners and consultants -- are better prepared to market their sites with specific site-related information and community data. All site due diligence is completed and resulting issues are mitigated, making the site "risk-free" and thus accelerating the development schedule.

"Iowa is improving its competitive position in the world of site selection by certifying six additional industrial sites," said Debi Durham,director of the IEDA. "Iowa's Certified Sites Program now boasts 10 sites, with even more in the queue. This shows the world that Iowa is open for business."

The six sites certified today began the process in 2013. After working through the rigorous certification process, these six sites have met the standards of the Iowa Certified Site Program and have now achieved that designation.

New Green Certification Initiative

Officials also announced the launch of a Green Certification classification as part of the Iowa Certified Site Program. This program recognizes the growing demand for environmentally sensitive design for companies that are committed to reducing the environmental impact of development.

The Green Certification programis being launchedwith a pilot round focusedon the Green Office Park category. The criteria is designed for multipleoffice users and ancillary park activities. Similarto the rigorous standards of the existing industrial certification program, stringent due diligence requirements must be met in order to achieve certification. However, the green certification program in will also include recognition of and requirements to protect what might have traditionally been viewed as impediments to development, such as floodplains and wetlands. A focal point of the Green Certification program is the requirement to develop and adopt covenants that will guide the future development of the Green Business Park.

The Woodward Eco Business Park will serve as the pilot site for the new Green Certification program,with applications for subsequent parks to be accepted in July 2016.

Details on the six sites certified today are below:

Eastern Iowa Industrial Center - Davenport

Developable Acres:177.91 acres Zoning: Light Industrial,Ag

Proximity toInterstate: 180/adjacent Rail Access: Yes

Organization: Greater Davenport Redevelopment Corporation

lndianhead South - Mason City

Developable Acres: 145 acres Zoning: LightIndustrial

Proximity to Interstate: 135/8 miles; US18 and Hwy 27/1 mile Rail Access:No

Organization: North Iowa Corridor Development Corporation

Ancell/Knox Property- Norwalk

Developable Acres: SS.79 acres Zoning: Currently Ag

Proximity to Interstate: 13S/10 miles;Hwy S/4 miles Rail Access:No

Organization: WarrenCounty Economic Development Corporation

Perry Industrial Park- Perry

Developable Acres: 134 acres Zoning: Light Industrial, Ag

Proximity to Interstate: 180/22 miles; Hwy 141/adjacent Rail Access:No

Organization: Greater Dallas County Development Alliance

Marion Enterprise Center - Marion

Developable Acres:130 acres

Zoning: PlannedDevelopment Commercial

Proximity to Interstate: Hwy 13/.46 miles; Hwy Sl/adjacent Rail Access:No

Organization: Marion Economic Development Corporation

Cedar Rapids Land and Air Super Park

Developable Acres: S81.98 acres

Zoning: Airport, Ag, Industrial, and Public

Proximity to Interstate: 1380/1 mile; Hwy 30/2 miles Rail Access: Yes

Organization: Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance

Five subsequent application rounds have been opened since the program was established and 12 additional sites are currently working their way through various phases of the program. The next round of applications will be accepted this month for the following categories:

General Industrial Site -- SO - 249 contiguous acres Large Site -- 2SO - 499 contiguous acres

Super Site-- SOO - 999 contiguous acres Mega Site -- 1,000+ contiguous acres

General Industrial Park -- 100+ acres with one site2: SO acres Super Park -- SOO+ acres with one site 2: 2SO acres

For more information about the Iowa Certified Site Program, visit www ocation/CertifiedSite .

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