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At the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub we are dedicated to helping area manufacturers and others in the defense supply chain connect and collaborate as part of an ecosystem focused on growth, business diversification, and remaining competitive as market forces change.  

One such way we can do this is by providing a teaching tool – developed with the help of industry leaders with their fingers on the pulse of emerging technologies – to assist you in learning about the changes that are and will transform the face of your industry.  

Consider each playbook a “how-to guide” constructed to help you understand the technology, provide an overview of the current regional landscape, share best practices, identify opportunities for use, build the business case for, and outline steps toward implementation.  Each playbook also contains links to expert resources and partners for training, education, integration, or other support to aid you on your journey. 

To get started simply click on the playbook subject to the left. While topics differ from playbook to playbook, the basic format is similar between each one.  They also include easy navigation links that allow the user to jump straight to a particular section if so desired.

Please join in as we continue the conversation! 

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By working together we can all go further, faster, which ultimately leads to a stronger and more vibrant economy. 

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