Advocacy Events

Your voice can make a difference. Connect with our elected officials through the Quad Cities Chamber's advocacy events, and discuss the issues that are most pressing to your business. Through Chamber advocacy events, you can help shape the policy that will strengthen the Quad Cities regional economy.

Annual Capitol Visits

Every year, the Chamber organizes a delegation to visit each of our three capitols (Washington, Springfield, and Des Moines). Our aim is to advocate for the needs of our communities, build partnerships to help accomplish our goals, and to provide an opportunity for our members to interact and engage with policymakers and experts. In addition to meeting with our own elected officials, we meet with leadership in the legislatures as well as our governors and key agencies.

Legislative Luncheons

The Chamber hosts four legislative luncheons, two for each state, at the start of each year. At the luncheons, you have a tremendous opportunity to interact directly with your state representatives and senators to discuss and share your thoughts and concerns. We’ll also share our priorities as a region, and keep you updated on the goings-on in our capitols.

Politics & Pints

Every spring and fall you can join us after work to meet with elected officials from every spectrum of the Quad Cities. Enjoy a nice drink while you connect on a personal and informal level with your representatives to all levels of government! It’s a great opportunity to learn about what’s hot in business, the community, and politics.

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